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If you were always curious about the world of recorded and photographed sex, then hop on and have the best time of your life.
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If you ever wished to see behind the scenes of the porn industry, now is your best chance to do it. Become a member of and find out how these perfectly fine, innocent, and sweet girls become the best sluts in the whole wide world.
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This site is designed for turning nice little daddy's girls into bad little daddy's girls. While you keep that in mind, let me tell you that for now this site has 67 videos and all of them are incredible. They include a beautiful teen girl who comes to a casting for porno for the first time, and with the help of a female partner, or a mentor, she learns how to properly spread her legs, suck a dick, take it up her insides, manipulate the angles... All in all, they are teaching these girls how to create the perfect sexual experience for you while also enjoying themselves. Of course, the videos that you can access right now are all previews that last around only a couple of minutes, but they perfectly sum up what is going on around here and what are some of the most critical aspects of the site and its content. The whole content is in HQ by the way, and besides the videos, you can also find amazing pictures, but you can't access them thoroughly as well, only the thumbnails. Well, at least until you pay. So the content quantity is not all that amazing, but the quality, the stories, the scenes, the girls, and everything else on this website is fantastic and worth paying for. Now that that's out of the way let us have a little discussion over the pricing thing. For now, they have three different deals, and their only difference is in time and price, although the price is just adjusting to the estimated time of the membership. First one is the one-month membership, which is around $25, and that is a solid one, but I feel like it is too short. The next one will last you for about three months, and it's going to cost you $59, and in my opinion, that one is the best. Because it is not that expensive, plus it gives you enough time to both familiarize yourself with the site and explore all of its content by then. And the last one is a full year membership that is $99, but I feel like, even though the price is decent, the site doesn't have enough content to make you want to spend a whole year there.


Navigation is pretty simple. You have only like three or four simple buttons that you need to use, that correctly tell you where they will take you and don't waste your time or bring up random adds while taking you there.  


I feel like the site is decent, but it doesn't have enough content to make you interested in the long run. If the site had some extras to offer, or maybe an even better discount, then it would perhaps be justified, but instead of bringing themselves to a new low, they should just pay some attention to the site and actually let it grow for a bit, before anybody could be interested in holding their membership for longer than three months.